Symposium Topics

Structural Engineering and Building Construction:

Finite element analysis and design

Advanced construction techniques and materials

Design of structures for wind and seismic loads

Structural Design for blast and impact loads

Strengthening and rehabilitation of structures

Structural health monitoring

Design of tall buildings and towers

Bridge engineering

Composite Materials and Structures

Design for fire resistance

Sustainable development and green concepts in civil engineering

Advanced technologies in construction

New construction methods and systems


Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Analysis and Design

Foundation Engineering

Dam design and construction

Slope stability analysis and design

Ground vibration

Soil structure interaction

Tunnel and underground structures

Soft ground improvement techniques

Geo-hazards Mitigation

Tunnels and underground structures

Soft Ground Improvement


Ancient built environment in Sri Lanka:

Engineering, architecture, sustainability and archaeological investigations

Engineering aspects and technologies in ancient structures

Archaeological excavations

Construction materials in ancient structures

New techniques to preserve heritage structures

Mathematics in ancient time

Case studies to explore ancient engineering marvels

Ancient architecture and sustainability


Transportation and highway engineering

Pavement Design

Demand Analysis and Transport Planning

Geometric Design of Highways

Road Construction & Maintenance

Road Safety & Accident Analysis

Public Transport Operations

Road Construction Materials

Non-motorized Transport & Pedestrian Facilities

Road Condition Assessments

Economic, Social or Environmental Assessments

Transport & Land Use


Environmental Science, Technology and Management

Global environmental change and ecosystems management

Water resources pollution, monitoring, management and regulatory Practice

Environmental dynamics, restoration and ecological engineering

Ground water remediation and management

Climate and climatic changes

Air pollution and control

Environmental Modeling and decision support tools

Management and regulation of point and diffuse pollution

Monitoring and analysis of environmental contaminant

Wastewater and sludge treatment and reuse

Storm-water management treatment and disposal methods

Legal, economic and managerial aspects of waste management

Waste minimization, Recycling and reuse

Water treatment and reclamation

Advanced treatment of water and secondary effluents (membranes, adsorption, ion exchange, oxidation etc)


Communications and Information Technology

Mobile and wireless communications

Radar, sonar, and remote sensing applications

Next-Generation Networking

Sensor, ad hoc and vehicular networks

Architectures and Design of Cognitive Radio Networks

Security and privacy for mobile and wireless networks, information systems

WLAN, WPAN, and other home/personal networking technologies

Internet-of-Things (IoT) enabling technologies

Machine to Machine (M2M) communications

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, expert systems and evolutionary computing

Cryptography, cryptanalysis and computer security and privacy

Data fusion, data mining, and knowledge discovery

Distributed systems and cloud computing

Operating systems, compilers, programming languages, and architecture

Pattern recognition and computer vision


Electronics & Instrumentation

Biomedical electronics and instrumentation

Sensors and network systems

Microelectronic design, manufacturing, and integration (VLSI, ULSI, SoC)

Optoelectronics & photonics

Digital systems and reconfigurable computing

Precision instrumentation and measurements

RF and microwave circuits

Smart sensors and instrumentation systems

Pattern recognition and machine intelligence (PARMI)

Industrial electronics and instrumentation


Image & Signal Processing

Statistical signal processing

Multimedia signal processing

Array and optimal processing

Audio and acoustic signal processing

Speech signal processing

Radar, sonar, and seismic signal processing

Image, video, and multi-dimensional signal processing

Bio imaging, image analysis, and signal processing

Spectral analysis

DSP hardware implementation

Machine learning for signal processing


Robotics, Control & Automation

Advanced topics in control systems

Industrial robot manipulators

Autonomous systems

Unmanned vehicles

Distributed systems

Industrial fieldbus systems

Control of Electrical Machines

Vision guided systems

Man-machine interactions

Electric vehicles


Biosystems Engineering and Food technology

and many more topics to maximize the participation

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